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Black Is Beautiful

A note from Danny – Please pardon some technical issues with the audio.

Returning to the show is Marcus Baskerville, Co-Founder and Brewer at Weathered Souls Brewing and creator of Black Is Beautiful. We sit down with Marcus and discuss the BIB project, including:

– Marcus ramping up for Craft Brewers Conference before COVID-19 hit.

– High profile civil unrest / social injustice in May and how it made Marcus feel.

– Initial plan for Black is Beautiful beer.

– How Black is Beautiful morphed into a national platform.

– Did Marcus solicit participants for Black is Beautiful?

– Being inspired by All Together from OtherHalf
iHeartRadio Spotify

– Skeptical of participant’s involvement.

– Recipe and label guidelines for participants.

– Stout talk.

– Any negative feedback from the black community?

– Founders Brewing being involved.

– Did Marcus wish certain brewers weren’t involved?

– Feelings on breweries that opted out.

– Impact on Weathered Souls business due to new fame.

And much more!

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